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File Storage Support
All 4kmovies.co movies are stored in two file storages. Choose MoonDL.com or TakeFile.link. If you are unable to buy a premium account on MoonDL use TakeFile, or vice versa.

As a user of 4kmovies.co you can request additional traffic, just write to the support of file storage:

MoonDL support (max response time 24 hours)

For MoonDL. Tell them you are a 4kmovies.co user and your traffic will be increased:
Premium Full Moon - 512 GB every 2 days
Premium Moon - 128GB every 2 days.

TakeFile support (maximum response time 120 hours)

If you have purchased premium on TakeFile, tell them the same, you are a 4kmovies.co user, and your traffic will be increased.

For any other questions, you can email us: 4kmovies.co@gmail.com