Hospital Massacre 4K 1981
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Hospital Massacre 4K 1981

21-03-2022, 23:25
Movies 4K
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Country: USA
Director: Boaz Davidson
Actors: Barbi Benton, Charles Lucia, Jon Van Ness, John Warner Williams, Den Surles, Gloria Jean Morrison, Karen Smith, Michael Frost, Jimmy Stathis, Lanny Duncan, Marian Beeler, Elly Wold, Jonathon Moore, Gay Austin, Bill Errigo, Beverly Hart, Ann Charlotte Lindgren, Judith Baldwin.
Tags:: Horror, Thriller

Good news for those who are in love... with slashers. It turns out that My Bloody Valentine by George Michalka and its remake directed by Patrick Lucier are not the only Valentine's Day slashers. There's another slasher. It is called "X-ray" (X-ray), but in the Russian box office it is known as "Hospital Massacre". In order to keep his lady of the heart in the clinic so he can get to her when the lights go out, a homicidal maniac slips a corpse's X-ray into her hospital records with the results and takes the X-ray of her own. The doctor, looking at the X-rays, is perplexed and decides to keep the lady in the hospital "just in case". If you've ever been in a horrible, bad Russian hospital for a medical checkup, or worse, been in one, you are lucky! After all, you didn't end up in Boaz Davidson Hospital! Were there three gas masks on your way out of the elevator? Did a drunken patient kiss you on the stairs? In the dark corridor did you meet three crazy giggling grannies? Out to call a pay phone, behind you took a nurse with a long black beard like Osama Bin Laden? No, I'll tell you. Although, crazy grannies, a horny drunkard, Nazi-looking nurses, terrorist-looking orderlies, and doctors who can't tell the difference between an x-ray of a corpse and a live person are not the worst thing that can await us in this hospital. A homicidal maniac armed with medical saws, axes and knives is on duty on Valentine's Day (or rather night), and then everyone will have a hard time, both the patients and the lame nurses, as well as the incompetent doctors.

It feels like everyone started out with cheap horror movies, and master of action movies Boaz Davidson was no exception. Having picked up the idea of a homicidal maniac from "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th", he hastily concocted a slasher, not thinking through all the details and making the film a bit illogical. It's up to you to figure out where the plot lacks logic when you watch it, but I will just say that I liked the film overall very much. It is shelved on my "Golden Era of Slasher" shelf next to Stranger, Dedication, The Final Exam and The Uninvited Man, waiting to be seen again. No doubt the film is worth special attention, because there aren't many quality slashers, even if there are some lapses in it.

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Trailer Hospital Massacre 4K 1981 Ultra HD 2160p
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