Settlers 4K 2021
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Resolution: Native 4K (2160p)


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English SDH, German.

Settlers 4K 2021

22-02-2022, 14:27
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Country: UK | South Africa
Director: Wyatt Rockefeller
Actors: Sofia Boutella, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Brooklynn Prince, Nell Tiger Free, Jonny Lee Miller, Natalie Walsh, Matthew Van Leeve.
Tags:: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

A complex of metal modules united by sectional walkways. A dwelling? A place to live? A roof over the head for a family of three. Him, her, and their child, a girl of 11. The dreary landscape outside the window. Stony wasteland everywhere you look. And the sultry sun burning everything around it to the heat of a frying pan on a gas stove. What's that? Where is it? A starry sky in the chill of the night, and a glowing dot of distant Earth, a clue that we're off-planet. We're on Mars.

A skimpy science fiction brought to the viewer by a British filmmaker. Narrative where action, a little yes, but a lot of static, slow motion plans for contemplation. The struggle for life is the overriding motif engaged with revenge in retaliation for the deaths of loved ones. The enemy is mine, the wife of my enemy, the mother of my enemy, like the character Rudyard Kipling might utter, the character of 'The Settlers' would not be mistaken. For a good enemy is a dead enemy.

The calm and measured order of this little society is disturbed by uninvited guests. And threaten and intimidate. And show rights to the 'farmstead' - get out for good, otherwise you will be sorry. What's the way out? Retreat? But where? Then - get rid of annoying 'visitors'. And a rifle with telescopic sight should decide someone's fate. What are the odds? Fifty-fifty. Whose will take it?

And then 'captivity', and then 'slavery'. And then the desire for punishment, punishment, retribution.

A spectator goes to Mars. On Mars one inhabits for nearly two hours. And what is most surprising is the understanding - even six people, oddly enough, are cramped in the space of the planet. It is impossible to get along. Well, no way! Selfishness is in our nature. Yes, it is cramped for six. And how many individuals are necessary for peaceful coexistence? When can one find peace?

Minimalism of the author will hardly increase the number of his 'subscribers'. They will be scolded and scolded. Dull and boring. But the painting will have its own audience. Here's something to think about.

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Trailer Settlers 4K 2021 Ultra HD 2160p
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