Detective Knight: Independence 4K 2023
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Detective Knight: Independence 4K 2023

9-05-2023, 15:30
Movies 4K
Country: USA
Director: Edward Drake
Actors: Lorenzo Antonucci, Dax Campbell, Scott Cargle, Audra Charity, Kaleb Clifton, Francis Cronin, Lexi Dali, Xzavier Estrada, Nadine Leon Gobet, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Craine Joseph, Kristopher Keith, Jack Kilmer, Robert Laenen, Dina Meyer, Cesar Miramontes, Lochlyn Munro, Joe Munroe.
Tags:: Action, Crime, Thriller

Jack Knight is a cop who will never quit his bad habits, and one of those habits is serving in the police department. The problem is that a variety of crazies, thugs, and pics have been keeping Jack in the dark for years now. Here and now on the eve of the Fourth of July in the head of one sociopath came up with the idea once again to make America better. That would be all right, but the boy chose the most unkosher method of improvement, he frees the marginalized from their marginal fate by a life-giving injection of lead into the skull. Also, thanks to the Orthodox YouTube our fighter for equality came to globalism, and plans his own act of blood vengeance for the day of independence. Thank goodness there's just a guy in this town, Jack Knight.

Edward Drake lives by the principle of "The Kid Said the Kid Done", so Drake made a trilogy about the adventures of Jack Knight. He is not embarrassed by Bruce Willis' inability to work, on the contrary - Drake skillfully exploits Bruce's passing into oblivion, at the same time not hesitating to release on major holidays near-annual films. The essence of his pictures is that for Peanut all the work is done by someone else, while our Bruce quietly looms somewhere nearby. And it must be said that this scheme works, and here we have in front of us the third film about the hard life of Detective Knight.

It must be said that sometimes Drake really gets to make wind. The third Knight movie is watchable, for: There is a message here, namely the injustice of the law and order system, the emphasis is on showing police brutality to ordinary citizens, and the consequent consequences accordingly. The new antagonist has a great motive, and Dax Kilmer playing him knows how to play, and that's important. Kilmer really tries to portray a derailed paramedic, and he does it sincerely, without tying the film to the second category, which makes him interesting to watch, and the film gets profit! Willis, on the other hand, seems to have given up completely, once again his bald double looms, once again half of the movie Peanut sits and frowns his eyebrows. Nothing new, once again, it's Locklin Munroe who takes the lead for Bruce. Though towards the finale, as Drake usually does, Bruce does light up, though not for long.

On top of all that: This is a quality action film, with a touch of the nineties, which was the director's childhood. Drake stuffed the film with references, Easter eggs to his past works, and essentially made the trilogy purely for himself. The sad fact is that it could have been anyone instead of Bruce Willis, as there are more than enough retired celebrities to go around. Hopefully this will be the end of Willis' cinematic slavery under Eddie Drake, and our brave hero will find some long-awaited peace.

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Trailer Detective Knight: Independence 4K 2023 Ultra HD 2160p
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