Police Story 4K 1985 CHINESE
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Police Story 4K 1985 CHINESE

25-09-2022, 11:02
Movies 4K
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Jackie Chan, Chi-Hwa Chen
Actors: Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Yuen Chor, Bill Tung, Ken Tong, Kwok-Hung Lam, Chi-Wing Lau, Charlie Cho, Hing-Yin Kam, Mars, Hark-On Fung, Yun-Kin Chow, Paul Wong, Fat Wan, Tai-Bo, Leung Siu, Fung Woo.
Tags:: Action, Comedy, Crime

To give a full review of this film, you would have to scratch more than one page with shaking hands of delight, respect and envy. After all, this is one of Jackie Chan's best films, in which he gave full rein to stunt stunts and humorous elements.

After returning from the USA, where he made his second (after Brawl in Battle Creek) failed Hollywood movie, Jacky made a stunning cascade of everything, which made his head spin, not only common people, shocked by the recklessness of Chinese boys, but also famous guys from the Dream Factory, a movie in the top 10 Hong Kong pictures.

The plot here, as in no other Jackie Chan film, plays almost no role at all. There are plenty of inconsistencies and inconsistencies. Take a stupid scene in court, when there is a stupid conversation about the fact that maybe Jackie's character arrested the wrong man, who is believed to be the leader of a criminal gang. Or the naively played-out episode with Brigitte Lin's character downloading some compromising files...

But it hardly stings when you see a plot like in this film: insanely beautiful and showy fights, astonishing with their tirelessness and injuries they suffer; Jacky Chan's tracer skills, overcoming obstacles no worse than David Belle; silly childish humor of merry Jacky and frostbitten eyes of evil Jacky near the end.

You can watch this movie from the middle or the end (where you see the most 'mess' in the mall with falls on the escalator, muzzle shattered glass, Jackie magically driving off the garland pole in a fireman's way).

A bunch of stunt work is realized one after another - one better than the other. The hilarious cop jumps here and there. His chronic failures seem endless. An uneasy relationship with a girl gets better and collapses again, not giving the viewer time to enjoy the melodramatic idyll.

For those who know nothing about Jackie Chan, just watch this movie (or 'Armor of God' or 'Project A') - everything will become clear. Those who are fans of the Buster Keaton-Charlie Chaplin-Harold Lloyd Hong Kong just need to see the 'Police story' inscription on the dark background - and then they will be able to repeat by heart all the twists and turns of the upcoming plot (with the exception of tricks, of course).

Bottom line: the film is for all categories of viewers - young people, an average family, a teenager, and grandparents will be glued to the screen with approximately the same fascination.

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Trailer Police Story 4K 1985 CHINESE Ultra HD 2160p
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