Roman Holiday 4K 1953
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Roman Holiday 4K 1953

27-08-2023, 11:06
Movies 4K
Country: USA
Director: William Wyler
Actors: Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert, Hartley Power, Harcourt Williams, Margaret Rawlings, Tullio Carminati, Paolo Carlini, Claudio Ermelli, Paola Borboni, Alfredo Rizzo, Laura Solari, Gorella Gori, Armando Ambrogi, Armando Annuale, Maurizio Arena, Silvio Bagolini, Nadia Balabine.
Tags:: Comedy, Romance

My feeling about this movie doesn't fit into the usual phrase: 'It's my favorite movie'.... No, this feeling is much more than that... It's not just love for a particular movie, it's admiration, nostalgia, it's too deep in my soul.... It's my mother's favorite movie... It's a memory from my childhood... Remembering the movie, one smiles or one feels sad..... This story is very beautiful! Sincere and warm, funny and sad.....

I love and remember many scenes from this movie: a visit to the hairdresser's, a walk under the walls of the Colosseum, a fight on the dance floor, when the princess in excitement breaks the guitar on someone's head.... The scene at the end of the movie, when at the press conference Joe gives her an envelope with photos, and she sees the picture with the guitar, and her look at that moment! It's a look you'll never forget! Everything is in that look: surprise, and joy, and confusion.... And the last look before she left him forever? All her love in those huge bottomless eyes!

This movie works wonders.... It gives people hope, love, makes them purer... I know one beautiful non-fictional romantic story from life about how two people, two halves found each other, and the movie 'Roman Holiday' helped them in this! My mom told it to me as a child.... I still believe that it's true, not a fairy tale.... Apparently, indeed, Audrey the angel....

One more thought... It may sound quite naive and silly, but Audrey Hepburn's movies, love for them, unite us with our parents ... 'Roman Holiday' was passed on from grandparents to our moms and dads, and from them it is passed on to us, their children, from hand to hand, from heart to heart, carefully and for life!

No matter how we do not quarrel, do not quarrel, do not differ in views on life, but it is worth putting on 'Roman Holiday', as all quietly and peacefully sit down in a row and, without taking off, occasionally sobbing or smiling, watching the movie from beginning to end.... Isn't it a miracle? And once again convinced that you have the most wonderful mom in the world, and mom has the most wonderful taste ... Oh. I'm getting a little emotional...

P.S. I am sure that 'Roman Holiday' is as eternal as the city of Rome, because we will definitely pass on all our delight and awe, all our tenderness and love for this movie to our future children. So be it!

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Trailer Roman Holiday 4K 1953 Ultra HD 2160p
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