The Piano 4K 1993
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The Piano 4K 1993

28-01-2022, 09:52
Movies 4K
Country: France | Australia
Director: Jane Campion
Actors: Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill, Anna Paquin, Kerry Walker, Geneviève Lemon, Tungia Baker, Ian Mune, Peter Dennett, Te Whatanui Skipwith, Pete Smith, Bruce Allpress, Cliff Curtis, Carla Rupuha, Mahina Tunui, Hori Ahipene, Gordon Hatfield, Mere Boynton.
Tags:: Drama, Music, Romance

At the first viewing, I could not press the play button in any way, but I kept listening to the main musical theme on the menu splash screen. Probably, this is one of the rarest cases when music is not only a background for the narration, but also a kind of acting character, a unifying matter.

The film is built on a flashback; the emphasis is shifted from dialogue to facial expressions, gestures, and details. The main character (Holly Hunter in this role is inimitable) hears, but does not speak. Her muteness (largely metaphorical) is an act of bold protest, renunciation; the reason is not in the absence of words, in the absence of understanding from the outside. Ada's attachment to the instrument is not only the musician's love, this connection is deeper and stronger. The line between the inner and outer worlds of Ada is clearly drawn; and the piano is the only worthy means of communication.

What could help Ada overcome her dumbness? Only true human language is the language of love. Only a meeting with a man who is able to comprehend the secret of a woman's heart. The love line is masterfully drawn. Exciting erotic moments - prohibition, seduction, desire - are dazzlingly beautiful and delicate, sensual, like in no other picture I have seen.

The story of Ada is reminiscent of an age-old fairy tale line - the release of the princess by a knight from imprisonment, and this is not surprising, because a similar motif finds a place in the thoughts of every woman.

For Ada, it remains to take the final step and the first step towards renewal - to part with the piano. Was it possible for her to overcome the last line, did she have enough strength and trust - the final does not give a final decision, but it is obvious to me - Ada's imprisonment in the castle of her own loneliness is completed, she died in the sea abyss and then was reborn for a new happy life.

The film is multifaceted, original and mysterious. There is something magical, meditative in this picture. To some, it may seem sluggish, but do not rush to conclusions - look at the picture alone, then it will bewitch you and reveal itself as an absolutely personal experience.

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Trailer The Piano 4K 1993 Ultra HD 2160p
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