As Tears Go By 4K 1988 CHINESE
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As Tears Go By 4K 1988 CHINESE

6-07-2022, 13:08
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Country: Hong Kong
Director: Kar-Wai Wong
Actors: Andy Lau, Maggie Cheung, Jacky Cheung, Alex Man, Ronald Wong, To-Hoi Kong, Ching Wai, Kau Lam, William Chang, Ang Wong, Pa-Ching Huang, Chi-Fai Chan, Man-Ho Chan, Tseng Chang, Wing-Cheung Cheung, Wing-Hon Cheung, Shan Chin, Kam Kong Chow.
Tags:: Crime, Drama, Romance

My relationship with Kar Wai is a mixed bag - I don't understand Express and 2046, but I love Blueberry Nights, The Mood for Love and the director's first film, Till My Tears Are Dried.

Tears is very different from all of the director's other works in that it completely lacks the insanity that has become almost a trademark of Kar Wai. They are quite traditional in their plot (it is linear and logical enough), and in the way they are presented (the cameraman is no Doyle yet, and the camera only slightly blurs the picture in the kissing scene in the phone booth). But the movie is undeniably strong and very emotional - and since I am a kinesthetician, I was just a feast for Tears - I cried, laughed, hooted and was horrified...

The hero is torn between his commitments to his family and his desire for personal happiness - and I can't bear to watch him risk himself over and over again for the sake of Flay's good-for-nothing brother (who is so good-for-nothing that he is unrealistically infuriating...). And he doesn't get attached to anyone - even the next girl, he makes it clear that a long-term relationship with her doesn't mean he'll get married and want a baby, either. But then his cousin shows up at his apartment (still, in Asian and European cinema I'm a bit tense about close cousin relationships - in my opinion, in Russia they would almost consider it incest...) from the outback (the girl is ill and needs a specialist examination) - and... what happened? What spark ran between the quiet home-girl and fearless daredevil? Why does Waugh, who always makes decisions instantly, not know how to behave? Is it Love?

...Honestly, I was sure that Wo, when he came to Ngor and saw the other one beside her, would just slap his rival - but no, he just walked away and waited... did he know he was not in vain, or was he just hoping for it?

The scenes between the heroes are amazingly filmed - the looks, the casual touches, the magical electricity, the mutual attraction, the long pauses in which everything is clear without words - not very often in the movies I saw something like that ...

And the happier this strange couple was just a few hours, the more horrible the ending, which crosses it all out...

However, after sobbing and reflecting, I still thought it was probably right - who knows how long this wonderful relationship would have lasted...? It was not for nothing that Ngor's illness was mentioned at the beginning. It was not for nothing that Waugh said, "I never promise anything..." What would happen to them? So the ending is horrible, but logical - Waugh is a fighter by life, and a quiet family life is hardly his lot.

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Trailer As Tears Go By 4K 1988 CHINESE Ultra HD 2160p
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